TK SOLUTION HONG KONG CO., LIMITED (SURYA HIJAU) is the leading residential, social and commercial solar panel company .

SURYA HIJAU is a business line of SUN Energy, the largest solar power project developer in Indonesia with solar power projects >280 MWp since its founding in 2016.

To date, SURYA HIJAU has recorded PLTS projects of more than 5 MWp within 2 years of operation.

Focusing on developing solar panels for residential areas, we have a mission to increase the use of solar panels as an environmentally friendly alternative energy for everyone through the use of application-based technology.


Encouraging the realization of independent, low-emission energy and the transition to new and renewable energy through the use of Rooftop Solar Panel Systems for residences in order to support government programs to achieve national energy mix targets.


Building an integrated rooftop solar panel system ecosystem to provide comprehensive services that are affordable and accessible to residential owners.

Become part of a lifestyle and environmentally friendly energy solution for every residence

Supporting the transition movement towards renewable energy in Indonesia through the Green Ambassador program


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