What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a system for converting sunlight into electricity using a photovoltaic method known as PV solar panels. When solar cells absorb sunlight, there is movement of positive and negative electrons which can create an electric current.

Apart from being very efficient, solar panel systems are also more environmentally friendly and affordable. It is easy to maintain so it is suitable for use in housing, business premises, schools and factories.

Benefits of
Installing Solar Panels

Reduce Monthly Electricity Bills 30-60%

Installing a rooftop solar power plant (PLTS) can save customers 30-60% on their electricity bills.

By installing solar panels, customers can generate their own electricity at home. If electricity production exceeds consumption power, the difference can be used to cut the next month’s electricity bill.

Free Annual Electricity Tariff Increase

The cost of electrical energy is estimated to increase by up to 3% every year. By installing solar panels, you can save 30% on your electricity bill for 25 years or more.

Impact of Carbon Emissions on the Environment

Community dependence on electrical energy encourages an increase in energy production through conventional resources (coal) which has a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Immediately switch to solar energy to save the earth through clean, renewable energy.

Supporting the National Energy Mix Target

Supports the national energy mix target of 23% from new & renewable energy by 2025.

Affordable Solar Panel Prices

The price of solar panels varies depending on various factors such as the amount of installation capacity, type of solar panel material, strength and also the quality of the panels.

SURYA HIJAU products come at the best prices because they use the world’s No.1 components*

*According to BloombergNEF 2021

You can choose the appropriate solar panel package

The solar panel package can be interpreted as a series of Solar Power Generation (PLTS) systems, customers can find out the needs of the PLTS system based on the recommendations of the solar power calculator .

The PLTS system consists of several components such as solar panels, inverters, cables and other materials needed to produce electrical energy from the sun.

Every purchase of a SURYA HIJAU solar panel package includes PLN licensing fees, consultation and system design, installation, and 24/7 monitoring of solar energy production.

Exporof Solar Panel Electricity

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